Frequently Asked Questions

Are these just toys or proper little boats?

Here at StarterCraft, we take boat building very seriously, and this shows in our final product. 

Our StarterCraft have been put through their paces to get engineer certified. The end result is that every StarterCraft that leaves our factory complies with AS1799 (National Standard for the Australian Builders Plate for Recreational Boats). 

As such, every StarterCraft is fitted with an ABP (Australian Builders Plate) which clearly states maximum power, weight, capacity and information on flotation. 

How big are these boats? Who are they designed for? 

Our StarterCraft's are approximately 2.1 m long, 1.15 m wide and weigh 74 kgs with battery & 59kg without. 

These are pint sized boats designed for children aged 4 - 12 years old. They are large enough to fit two young children, or even a child and a small adult for those initial training runs. 

How fast do your boats go? 

Top speed of the boats in calm waters is around 8 km/h or 4.5 knots. Think a light jog. This speed is based on the motor being set to the highest of its five speed settings. Speed can be reduced using the five available settings to suit younger boaties, or for a bit of trawling. Yes that's right, these wee beauties have rod holders and are known to be capable of landing the odd fish. 

How long does the battery last before needing recharged? 

Each StarterCraft is equipped with a heavy duty 55 AH battery. What does this mean? Approximately 1.5 - 2.5 hours of fun for young boaties on a single charge. Exact battery life will depend upon speed setting, water & weather conditions.  

You will get a minimum of 1.5 hours use on the highest speed setting with some head wind or currents. Calmer waters & reduced speed setting will increase battery life.

What kind of water & weather conditions are the boats designed for?

The boats are designed for use in calm, non tidal waters in good weather conditions.

These boats are very small and will not perform well in high winds, larger swell or wake. 

Are they safe for children to use? 

We have done everything we can to make our boats as safe to use as possible.

However, it is important to keep in mind that our boats are designed as a first step into the world of boating for young enthusiasts. ​

As such we recommend taking the same precautions you would when training children on the water in a similar craft (small yachts, kayaks, stand up paddle boards etc) including;

  • Life vests worn at all times.

  • Competent adults accompanying children in the StarterCraft until full confidence & capabilities are gained. 

  • Full adult supervision from shore after this. 

  • Use in close proximity to shore only. Not for use in open waters.  

  • Use in calm waters only.

  • Use in calm weather only.

Our boats won't sink, even when completely filled with water. They are designed and built with a significant air cavity meaning they will always float regardless of the amount of water taken on.

Our boats are equipped with a removable key switch. This means parents can ensure little hands can't activate the boat while idle. Simply remove the key whilst not in use.  

Our boats are equipped with a telescopic oar to help return to shore in the unlikely event of failure. 

How can the boats be transported? 

The boats can be picked up and moved by two strong adults. Options for transporting over larger distances include ute, van or jet ski trailer. If you are interested in a custom built dolly or trailer please contact us for options and pricing ( 

Can I come see one in action before buying?  

Yes, definitely. If you live locally on the Gold Coast, get in touch and we will let you know when & where we are next out and about. We have a couple of sample boats that we are planning to showcase over the coming months. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for regular showcase outing updates.